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Chicago is an amazing place to make music. I am grateful for the opportunities and I am humbled by all of the amazing people I encounter. Thank you!
We take our summers seriously here. Get outside while you can! Happiness.
Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy what you hear and see. I am quite lucky to make music with such talented musician friends. I hope you will come out to hear us when you can. Happiness. Lucy
Greetings! I love Chicago. Nuff said.
Greetings! 2009 was a challenge in so many ways. But hey, we're still here! I'm grateful and optimistic. Happiness.
Had a great time in Denmark. The folks were welcoming, food was great and sites were intriguing. We also spent a 1/2 day in Malmo (Sweden). Trip highlight for me you ask? Making music at La Fontaine (the oldest jazz club in Copenhagen). It was a jam session for original music only. This was no amateur showcase. I could have listened to every performer all night. I'm still gleaming from their treatment of my tune (Kiela)!
It's a new's a new's a new life for me...and I'm feeling good! ---Bricusse/Newley
It's such an exciting time to be in Chicago. There are zillions of opportunities to participate in community and city planned events. I really feel like I'm part of something genuine and fresh. I hope you've made your way art.
Greetings Y'all: KJAZZ (88.1 FM) is airing tracks from “Movin’ On” for its Los Angeles area listeners (I listen on line too). I had the pleasure of meeting late night DJ, Jai Rich, while attending the World Stage Jazz Festival last week and he’s been playing “All I Meant,” “Go Down Moses,” and “Chase the Clouds Away” ever since. THANK YOU JAI!!!!!
Words and Music = POWER I had the wonderful opportunity of working on “Portraits” on May 3 at the Park West. Writers, performers, students, teachers and people from all walks of life had their “stories of hope and survival” illuminated thru some amazing readers theatre performances. I wrote and performed original songs and transitional themes, directed fellow musicians (Marcin Fahmy, Bryan Doherty, Michael Caskey and Greg Ward) thru the script and augmented the pieces with additional multi-genre music. Mary Morten had producer duties and Illesa Duncan served as director/adaptor. It was great working with them again. “What Will It Take” is a yearlong initiative throughout Illinois headed by the Chicago Foundation for Women. It is based on the idea that in order to find answers, questions must be asked about violence against women and girls. Programming includes community forums, media campaigns and other public awareness events like “Portraits.”
Greetings Everyone! I feel like sharing! Here we go! GREGG SHAPIRO - Chicago Free Press "Chicago-based jazz vocalist Lucy Smith is both a talented songwriter and a gifted interpreter of other people's songs. Nowhere is that more obvious than in her splendid rendition of 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin',' the opening track on her disc "Movin' On" ( Chuck Mangione's 'Chase the Clouds Away' and Bob Telson's 'Calling You' also benefit from Smith's technique. Smith originals, including the jazzy 'All I Meant,' the powerful 'Passing for Normal' and the hilarious country cheatin' song 'I-N-F-I-D-E-L-I-T-Y' are truly inspired and deserve to be heard by everyone." AND DEAN RAMOS - Illinois Entertainer says "...the jazzier 'Kiela,' the longing-fueled 'All I Meant,' and her sassy rendition 'Go Down Moses' simply shouldn't be missed." Thank you Gentlemen!!
Spring is in the Air...and so is the music from Movin' On. Theola Bright from WHIL, 91.3 FM ("serving the Gulf Coast of America.") has featured cuts from the CD and says that she especially likes "Go Down Moses." Dusty Durst from KCLC (89.1 FM) in St. Louis says, "Great CD. This Lady has got it! Joy in Listening." AND Kerstin Kroger from Radio Kanal Ratte (104.5) in Schopfheim, Germany has added tunes from Movin' On to the playlists of her weekly show "Across Music." She adds that it is "very fine." It works for me...and brings on a smile to boot. Love and Happiness.
Wow! What an amazining experience. Sharing the stage with and passing the mic to blues legend Koko Taylor! I'm still flyin' high! Yesterday afternoon Steppenwolf Theatre was bursting with Chicago history. A brainchild of Sylvia Ewing, Music and Memories featured on stage chats with Koko Taylor, Timuel Black, Tom Burrell, Michael Warr, and Laura Washington. Those conversations were introduced/complemented by music directed and sometimes performed by me. Marcin, Bryan, Michael and Greg rounded out the Quintet and we were joined on stage by blues vocalist, Delores Scott; DJ, Itch 13; and poets Kevin Koval, Amina Hawkins, Avery Young and Sense. We tackled many musical genres and paid homage to the music and musicians of Chicago. It was an honor to share the stage with such historic majesty. Memorable indeed!
Happy New Year! Jacques Jongmans, DJ for Dutch Coast Radio (104.5) in the Netherlands, sent me a note recently. He's playing tracks from "Movin' On" on Thursday nights for his listeners in the beach resort town of Zandvoort. Bob Parzych, the jazz coordinator for WRTC (89.3) in Hartford, CT, is spinning it as well and said he "loved the Mangione remake." Yipee!!! (totally)
Lucy Smith scores 9/10 from this presenter. Every now and then someone comes along who takes an extraordinary well known song like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin" and just doesn't cover it. Her version becomes a total musical and vocal reinterpretation. Also her versions of "Chase The Clouds Away" and "I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues" are right on the money. But her talent doesn't stop there. Lucy is also no slouch as a songwriter and arranger. Her mature honey smooth vocal style seeps into the mind and soul of the listener, and her superb backing band provide the finishing touches. I hope that Lucy Smith is "Movin' On" right into the studio for her next outing. -- Robin (Elks) On The Radio 2TENFM (89.7 & 98.7) Tenterfield New South Wales & Stanthorpe Queensland Australia
Greetings! Jazz educator, historian, promoter, radio founder and host (and the list wonderfully goes on...), Dionizy Piatkowski, has sent compliments my way and is airing cuts from "Movin' On" on 88.4/Jazz FM in Mosina, Poland. RIGHT ON!!!
"Soulful, funky and heartfelt describes the music of Lucy Smith. Rich textures and colorful yet comical beats blend the music as well. Did I say Comical? Listen to the well-done 'I-N-F-I-D-E-L-I-T-Y', serious yet comical. A great musical contrast and not to mention, daring as well. Thank you Lucy!" --- Leon Reyes, Host "Leon's Jazz In A Box" KVMR Radio 89.5 FM Nevada City/Sacramento CA
Greetings! Vasja Ivanovski, journalist, DJ and host of "Jazz Spaces" on FM Radio 2 (94.1) in Skopje, Macedonia sent me a note and one of his recent playlists that included tunes from Clifford Brown, William Green, Oliver Nelson, and three cuts from "Movin' On" ("Kiela," "Go Down Moses," and "Movin' On.") How cool is that!?
"Lucy's got a powerful rich voice, no doubt. She is singing with a confidence that makes us anxious to listen. It is an appealing signature placed over tight R&B on natural instruments. Smith sings a mix of freshened covers and originals. There's both soul and gospel on 'Go Down Moses' with a solo from Greg Ward (sax). We also liked 'Passing For Normal' and 'I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues'. This is a voice to be reckoned with!" -- D. Oscar Groomes, O's Place Jazz Newsletter
In addition to the previously mentioned radio outlets, cuts from "Movin' On" can now be heard on: Radio Campus (106.6) - Lille, France WHPK-FM (88.5) - Chicago, IL STAR-FM (100.3) - St. Helens, Tasmania (AUS) TripleH-FM (96.5) - Horsham, Victoria (AUS) Radio Vilafant (107.3) - Vilafant/Girona, Spain TripleU-FM (104.5/92.3/99.7) - Nowra, New South Wales (AUS) YIPEEE!! (91.1/91.6) "Animajazz" Pisa, Livorno & Lucca (Italy)
RADIO AIRPLAY (as of 11/2/06) WBEZ – FM (91.5) – Chicago, IL 2-RRR-FM (88.5) – Sydney, Australia BRTO Radio – (105.8/87.5) – Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands Cairns FM (89.1) - Cairns, Queensland (Australia) MDM Radio (101.1) - Mont de Marsan (France) Radio ARA (103.3/105.2) - Luxembourg MKMK Radio - Minsk, Belarus
Greetings Friends, Fans, and Family: Thanks so much to those of you who came out on October 25 (and October 24). I was wonderfully overwhelmed by the music, by the joy and the glorious atmosphere of Katerina's. Thanks also to those of you who have purchased CD's via CDBaby and directly from me. The indie struggle continues. Love and Happiness, Lucy

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